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Trees & Shrubs

It is amazing what a really nice landscape can do for your property value, you heart and your soul!
It is also an excellent way to save energy and help the environment!
Let our nursery professionals help you make the right choices for even the most difficult of areas.
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Our Guarantee

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We have a 1 year guarantee on our Zone 4 Trees and Shrubs.
If you have problems in that years time, just bring in the plant and we will be happy  to replace it for you, or set you up with something that may work better!  
We want you to be successful....then we are successful!
Perennial gardening, like really any kind of gardening, is a 4 seasons, 5 senses experience. The anticipation builds when the snow starts to melt in late winter. We push the mulch aside to do some peeking, hoping that our investments have made it through safely.
In early spring we take the almost daily trip out to see what is rising and pushing it’s way through the soil.
Summer comes and our little bundles of pride and joy are growing bigger and stronger than the year before, blooming in all their proud glory.
Fall arrives, and even though the blooms may be spent, our plants are still giving us the joy they have all season long, with beautiful textures, and gorgeous fall colors.
As winter approaches, we tuck our babies into bed; cover them with their mulch comforters and wait, hoping again we are blessed with their dependability, and to see all their glory in the spring.