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Annuals, although they need to be planted "annually" are the very best way to bring color to your home.
Edgewater Home and Garden emphasize the beauty, size and health of our annuals. We also carry a large selection of unusual and eye catching varieties that will bloom their little hearts our for you all season long.

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Summer Breeze

Mixed Containers

Spa Day
Lemonade Stand
Summer Breeze
You will be amazed by how calm you feel when you come home to find this lovely combination on your front porch or deck!
Full sun, and easy care
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Nothing says Summer more than bright colors especially , yellow!
If you can't get enough of this wonderful color, we have the combination just for you!
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This will make you feel fine!
Durable and lovely, great for sun or shade.
Get this recipe and more inspirations
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Tomatoes & Peppers

The US Department of Agriculture says there are 25,000 known varieties of tomatoes. Although we don't carry quite that many, we do have a pretty impressive selection....get to know them a little bit better by clicking on the pictures, then come in and find your favorite!
Confetti Gardens
Have you ever wondered how to achieve the perfect combination for a hanging basket or for a patio pot? 

This is just the ticket! Confetti Gardens from Red Fox are an easy way to enjoy summer, with out the pressure of figuring out what plants work well together!
We grow over 30 different if you need some inspiration...

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